Recent Before & After Photos

Pipe Burst in Kenosha, WI

The fill line to the wash machine burst while homeowner was away. Substantial damage was experienced in the laundry room including the growth of suspected mold.... READ MORE

Holiday candle fills Racine, WI home with soot

Every room in this Racine, WI house was filled with soot and smoke, including the kitchen. The homeowners remarked that they were lucky that the heat of the ca... READ MORE

Milwaukee, WI Home Sale Stalled-SERVPRO Rescue

This attic in a Milwaukee, WI home did not pass the home inspection for its sale. 48 hours later, the mold was remediated and the "sold" sign went up in the ya... READ MORE

Readying a Foreclosed Kenosha, WI Home for Sale

Foreclosed homes which are not winterized correctly can create a mess. This Kenosha, WI home's basement had apparent mold growth throughout. After our work, t... READ MORE

Pewaukee, WI Case of the Moldy Basement

In Pewaukee, WI a homeowner wanted to be able to use their basement, but it was old, moldy and musty. 36 hours later and she even lets her kids play in the bas... READ MORE