Recent Before & After Photos

Fire just before Opening Day

Milwaukee is known for many things, not least of is having the World's Largest Music Festival that attracts thousands of people for around the world.Just a coup... READ MORE

You can't even imagine!

This apartment complex in Racine, WI was flooded with sewage as a result of a blocked sewage drain.  The pictures are of this renter's living room - you ca... READ MORE

Water Damage due to Fire Above

This lower level condo in Franklin, Wi was badly damaged due to a fire in the unit above.  The whole home needed to be packed up, cleaned and almost comple... READ MORE

Washing Machine Malfunction

It can happen to anyone at anytime.  You throw a load of laundry into the washing machine and walk away.  When you go back to check on it....water has... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Salem, WI

This flooded basement had over five feet of water throughout due to area flooding.  The basement was completely finished prior to the water loss and the ho... READ MORE

Safe for the Family Again

This basement was flooded with water as a result of a faulty sump pump.  The homeowner's tried to clean it up themselves until they realized it was just to... READ MORE

Fire & Water Damage in Racine

This living room was a result of a fire during the holidays.  The fire affected the kitchen, living room, hallway and living room.    Once t... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Kenosha, WI

The fill line to the wash machine burst while homeowner was away. Substantial damage was experienced in the laundry room including the growth of suspected mold.... READ MORE

Milwaukee, WI Home Sale Stalled-SERVPRO Rescue

This attic in a Milwaukee, WI home did not pass the home inspection for its sale. 48 hours later, the mold was remediated and the "sold" sign went up in the ya... READ MORE

Readying a Foreclosed Kenosha, WI Home for Sale

Foreclosed homes which are not winterized correctly can create a mess. This Kenosha, WI home's basement had apparent mold growth throughout. After our work, t... READ MORE