Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Leaking Roof Causes Mold Growth in Garage Ceiling

After heavy storms, an area homeowner noticed mold growing on their garage ceiling. While checking the attic for additional mold, the homeowner also broke a hol... READ MORE

Winter Storm Damage in Oak Creek, WI

Winter storms can be hard on your home. The formation of ice dams due to failing insulation can lead to unfortunate water damage inside the structure. It is imp... READ MORE

Sump pump failure in Hales Corners, WI

When do you find out your sump pump is not working properly? During a bad storm, of course. That's what happened to these homeowners, who was away from home d... READ MORE

Sewage backup in Mequon

When a storm hits, water can come from a variety of places. In this particular situation, the water came from the floor drain, the sump pump and through the wi... READ MORE

Flooded basement in Milwaukee

This flooded basement happened during a storm when the homeowner was thousands of miles away from home. The damage was extensive to not only his contents, but ... READ MORE

Water can be sneaky

During one of the worse storms in recent history in the Burlington, WI area, this assisted living community found out exactly how sneaky water can be. As the st... READ MORE

Sewer Back-up due to severe flooding in Kenosha, WI

When the streets are flooding around your home due to excessive rain that just won't stop, one of the things that can occur in that you sewer drains and sump pu... READ MORE