Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded basement

It's hard to describe the feeling deep in your stomach when you walk downstairs after or during a big storm and see this.  The water has risen to an unsafe level with everything you had stored down there is bobbing in the standing.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County understands that feeling and wants to help you through that stressful time.

This homeowner describes the feeling as a feeling of helplessness and not even knowing where to begin.  He made a great first step when he called us!  

Our crew came out and extracted the water,  removed all the wet drywall, paneling and insulation and cleaned and sanitized the entire basement.

As for the homeowners treasures, we saved what wasn't affected and removed and disposed of what could not be saved.

The homeowner was breathing a lot easier when we were finished.

Storm Damage in Caledonia, WI

Recent flooding in the area caused this home to have several feet of water in their basement.  Needless to say this is devastating for any homeowner.   It takes minutes to have a lifetime of treasures damaged, not to mention your home.

SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County understands how difficult this is for you and your family and will work to help you get through this type of loss.

Our crews will take care of the demolition, remove the debris and get the structure cleaned up and sanitized.  

Storm Damage in Franklin

When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?   We don't know, but when a tree falls on your home during a bad storm, it makes a BIG sound!

This homeowner was awakened in the middle of the night when a very large tree fell on their roof causing considerable damage. 

He called SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County to come help.

After the holes in the roof were temporarily covered up, we went to work in cleaning up all the damage caused by the rain pouring in through those holes before we arrived.

The homeowner was very pleased with how quickly we responded and the our crews willingness and expertise in handling these types of emergencies.

Water as high as the top of this vanity

During recent flooding in our area, this homeowner had water that was as high as the top of this vanity in their finished basement.  Once the water receded, our crew went and got this lower level cleaned up and ready for rebuild in less than a week!

Storm damage on car interior

Can this be cleaned?

Sometimes even the interior of your car can be effected as a result of storm damage. Can this unfortunate situation be cleaned by SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County? You bet!

Water can be dangerous

There's water and then there's grossly contaminated water than contain harmful agents.  Our crew needs to "suit up" for those jobs where the water can be dangerous.  This is an example of what they look like when dealing with particularly dangerous toxic organic substances.

Sometimes it IS about the Equipment

When there is a serious water event, it can come down to the quality and quantity of equipment we have available.  SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County is prepared to handle your job, big or small.  We have an abundance of commercial grade air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and injectidry systems.

When you have a problem, SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County has a solution.