Recent Before & After Photos

Electrical Fire in Trevor, WI

This home had significant damage after an electrical fire. The homeowners didn't know if it would feel like home again when they saw it for the first time afte... READ MORE

Fire in Union Grove, WI

This is the result of an attic fire that spread pretty quickly. Thankfully, everybody got out of the home in time and nobody was hurt. This home incurred a ... READ MORE

Black mold in Franklin, Wi

When we got the call to come out and take a look at some mold in Franklin, WI the homeowner did not expect to see what we found. There wasn't just small amount ... READ MORE

Flooded business in Brookfield, WI

This rehabilitation facility in Brookfield, WI had a water event that affected the majority of their building. Since their business was to help injured people... READ MORE

Water from floor above

Water is a little sneaky. A very small leak can do a great deal of damage. That is what these homeowners experienced. The source of this damage was a leak... READ MORE

Sump pump failure in Hales Corners, WI

When do you find out your sump pump is not working properly? During a bad storm, of course. That's what happened to these homeowners, who was away from home d... READ MORE

Large Milwaukee Company

This company had a broken sprinkler head, and it created quite a mess. All the corporate offices and the warehouse below was affected and essentially shut them... READ MORE

Sometimes it's just too bad to save.

Sometimes when mold has gotten a good hold of a piece of drywall, it can't just be cleaned up. To do the job properly, the drywall needs to be completely remov... READ MORE

Sewage backup in Mequon

When a storm hits, water can come from a variety of places. In this particular situation, the water came from the floor drain, the sump pump and through the wi... READ MORE

Flood basement in West Allis, Wi

This basement had a lot of standing water when we arrived on site. The homeowner called both SERVPRO of Southeast Milwaukee County and a plumber at the same t... READ MORE